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Software Developer

Who is an ideal candidate:

We need programming wizards to be part of SmartRentOnline! We are looking for responsible developers committed to quality. Ideal candidates are dedicated to elegant solutions and high-quality implementation. Candidates must demonstrate drive and accountability and can expect a stimulating evolution of their jobs as they move through various projects. We look most highly upon candidates who demonstrate quick smarts, original ideas, and enthusiasm for their work.

What you will be doing:

– Working independently or with other developers to brainstorm solutions, implementations, and architectures
– Implementing features in a manner which is well-documented, robust, efficient, and readable
– Being responsible for ongoing maintenance, bug fixing, and improvement of your code

What you need to apply:

– Excellent communication and teamwork skills
– A BS in Computer Science (or equivalent)
– Extensive experience with either C++ or Java and at least limited experience with both
– HTML, JavaScript, PHP, or another Web-related programming a plus
– Extensive knowledge and experience with the Internet and the World Wide Web recommended

How to apply:

Please send your resume to