Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Why should I use SmartRentOnline to collect rent online?

How much time do you have to spend on tracking whether your tenants have paid the rent or on hounding them for late payments? What about the trips you need to make to cash out the checks you've collected? Have you wished that there would be a solution that takes care of all of the hassles around collecting your rent? SmartRentOnline will do that for you - it will truly revolutionize your life!

How do I get started?

You can get started right away by signing up, which will take less than a minute. Sign up for a free trial by clicking on 'Get Started Now' button.

Is SmartRentOnline secure?

Yes - SmartRentOnline's team has years of experience in developing secure eCommerce services. SmartRentOnline adheres to security best practices and PCI compliance framework. SmartRentOnline uses the same levels of physical and encryption security that banks do to protect the data.

Who pays the transaction fee?

SmartRentOnline allows you to pick from one of the following three options:

  1. Landlord pays the transaction fees
  2. Tenant pays the transaction fees
  3. Landlord and tenant each pay 50% of the transaction fees

What are the details of the pricing?

For each rent payment transaction, there is a fee of $2.00. For most cases, this would be the only fee.
Setting Up Properties

How do I set up my properties in SmartRentOnline?

Once you signup, you will be able to add property. It will give you an option to create Property Complex, Apartment, or House.
Setting Up Tenants

How do tenants sign up?

Tenants will sign up the same way you sign up from Once they sign up, they will be able to link their accounts to your property.

Can tenants set up auto-payment?

Yes. Tenants can set up auto-payment so that each month, the rent is paid automatically. They will also receive email notification when the rent is successfully sent.

What about manual payment? Can tenants choose to pay manually instead?

Yes. Tenants can choose to make a manual payment each month. They can also set up reminder emails so that they don't forget to make a timely rent payment.
Setting Up Rent Info

How do I set up rent in SmartRentOnline?

With SmartRentOnline, you can set up your own monthly statement with repeated charges like rent, parking fee, garage fee, and so forth. You can also apply for one-time fees and credits as needed.
Monitoring Rent Collection

How do I monitor the collection of rent?

SmartRentOnline gives you simple, easy-to-understand money transfer reports that show tenant, payment amount, and date of transfers.

Can you send me email notification?

Yes. You can set up email notification so that you are notified when a payment is late or when a payment is received.
Online Service

Do I need to download and install a program on my computer?

Being an online service, SmartRentOnline doesn't require any download or installation. You will get the benefit of always using the latest features that we offer - there is no need for you to go through the hassle of upgrading your software. Just go to and sign in.

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