Collect Rent Online – How to Approve Tenants

In the previous post, we showed you how to add a tenant by creating or linking to the tenant’s account. (See this blog post.) That was a method you can use when you knew the tenant’s email address.

When you don’t know the tenant’s email address, you can ask your tenant to go to to sign up. When they successfully sign up, they will be asked to enter the property ID.


You (as a landlord or property manager) can find the Property ID by following these steps:

1. Log in to
2. Next, to the name of the property, you will find a down-arrow icon. When you click on it, you will find ‘Edit’ option. (Please note that you want to send the Property ID of a House or Apartment Unit. Property Complex or Apartment Buildings cannot have a tenant. See this blog post for the description of different property types.)

3. When you select the ‘Edit’ option, you will find the Property ID next to the name of the property.


You can send this information to your tenant. Your tenant can enter the Property ID and make a request to link to the property that you have set up.


When tenants enter the Property IDs and send requests to link up to the properties that you have set up, they are put under the ‘Pending’ status.

When you log in, you will find a message that says, ‘You have 1 tenant pending for verification – click here’.

Click on the link that says, ‘Click here’, and you will find ‘Tenants – Verification Pending’ report.

On that report, click on all the check boxes next to the names and then click ‘Approve’ button.

From there, you can follow the instructions shown on the screen to finish setting up your tenant.

When you are done, click on the ‘Properties & Tenants’ tab on the top. When you click on the name of the property, you will find the newly added tenant.

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